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GDPR Statement for the Chapoo Service

The GDPR is a European legislative initiative that has entered into force on 25 May 2018.

This Regulation applies to all businesses and government authorities, and concerns the protection and management of personal data relating to clients, staff, etc. As Bricsys is established in Belgium, a member state of the European Union, all personal data that is processed by Bricsys, falls under the scope of GDPR.

At the moment, Bricsys is compiling and using personal data of their clients in accordance with the provisions in its existing privacy policy. But due to enforcement of GDPR, we are currently working hard on implementing the GDPR into our business. A GDPR audit has already been carried out, which provides information for drawing up a plan of implementation which is currently being put into effect.

Our aim is to ensure that the necessary optimizations - including a revised version of our contractual framework, our privacy policy and the existing data security measures - are implemented as soon as possible. We are also updating contractual relationships with our subcontractors and processors insofar as the GDPR requires this.

In any event, we will keep you informed wherever appropriate of any amendments to Bricsys’ privacy policy and/or cookie policy.

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Should you have any further questions, please contact us.