Chapoo is a project collaboration platform with proven success in the complex worlds of Architecture, Engineering and Construction.

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AEC Industry

The roots of the Chapoo service can be found in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction world. Architects and designers needed an easy way to share CAD models with engineers, construction professionals, building owners and operators, who in turn were not eager to acquire expensive CAD software just to be able to view or print the drawings. The Chapoo service has also proven its robustness and ability to handle projects with vast amounts of Building Information Modeling (BIM) documents and data, both in the design phase for construction companies or in the operations phase for commercial property management firms.

AEC Industry
Law firms

Law firms

The handling of law firms cases is another prime example of the where Chapoo excels, providing comprehensive project collaboration and communication. Cases traditionally have large numbers of documents to deal with and manage. Handled the old way, using manual processes, often lead to information overload or confusion. Typical queries during a case might be: What is the most recent version of a document? Who has reviewed and approved it? Where are the related photographs, or other evidence? Chapoo’s comprehensive document and data management capabilities allows attorneys, paralegals, external experts, etc, to smoothly collaborate and move through cases in a timely fashion.

Government agencies

Most governmental agencies have a need to manage processes, such as development plan reviews. These processes usually require the acquiring and sharing of information with an extended team of people, located within and outside the agency. Chapoo’s ability to finely tune individual’s right to access and edit documents, along with the ability to quickly and flexibly ramp up and down usage for individual projects, is a major benefit compared to developing and maintaining an in-house solution.

Medical devices

Medical Devices

Design document control in medical devices often extends beyond the abilities of a company’s own quality management system, requiring a bigger ecosystem that allows for interaction between external engineering firms, contract manufacturers, and sub-system suppliers. Chapoo provides all this through document review, annotation, and approval. Through customizable workflows, Chapoo allows companies to implement strict policies and procedures, providing precise controls over document access. This includes detailed audit trails of who reviewed, commented on, annotated, or signed off on a document. With support for viewing over 70 document types, including CAD drawing, and image file formats, your company is assured that it can keep the entire process inside the system.