Chapoo Transfer Tool

The Chapoo Transfer tool allows you to transfer documents between your local file system and the folders of the Chapoo Service. The split screen user interface allows you to upload or download files through simple drag and drop.

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When uploading multiple files from your local file system to a Chapoo project folder, you can add a description and select a status for each of the documents you're about to upload.


When downloading multiple files from a Chapoo project folder to your local file system, the Chapoo Transfer tool provides information on the progress of the transfer operation.

Chapoo Transfer v1.8.8

New and improved v1.8.8

  • 2-factor authentication support

New and improved v1.8.7

  • Updated icons
  • Improved Synch Overview dialog
  • Folder structure same as on Chapoo web app

New and improved v1.8.6

  • Fixed: meta data support

New and improved v1.8.5

  • New: Synchronize folders

New and improved v1.7.2

  • Download from binder
  • Bug fixes

New and improved v1.7.0

  • Metadata of already existing documents are auto filled out
  • Replacing reservations
  • Metadata improvements