Upload files

Uploading files was never easier. Just drag and drop a file into the upload area of Chapoo, and you're done. The upload area also shows the upload progress. It’s that simple.

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Drag and drop to upload files is not supported by Internet Explorer. Click to upload instead.


Share files and folders

The fun with Chapoo starts when sharing all kinds of documents with friends and colleagues. You can share via Facebook, Twitter or Email. And with other Chapoo users you can also share complete folders and fine-tune access rights.

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View files without download

You can instantly view shared files, whatever format they were made in, no need to download them first or to have the software that created them. Today Chapoo already supports more than 70 document types, from text to image to office formats, and even complex CAD files.

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Simply drag a rectangle over the text or image you want to highlight and write down your comment. For a quick overview, Chapoo automatically lists all annotations in a comprehensive browser.

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