The consortium assigned the construction of the Waal bridge in the Netherlands selected the cloud-based Chapoo service to enable smooth project collaboration across the project's life cycle. Watch movie

Waalkoppel project

Total Value
€ 317.000.000

Project Value
€ 200.000.000

Project Usage
32.000 Documents

Waalkoppel Consortium

Waalkoppel is a temporary association of three enterprises: Mobilis (part of TBI Infra), construction company Van Gelder and Dywidag International. In the design phase of the project some 80 to 100 people were actively involved. As organizing contractor Waalkoppel also used a large number of suppliers and – just for the bridge - seven major sub-contractors.

Waalkoppel Consortium
<%Document Codification%

Document Codification

Document codification uses the Live Data optional module of the Chapoo service and allowed project participants to make all of their documents unique … to define which object they belong to, which phase of the project they relate to, which discipline they refer to.

Auto Workflows

The use of auto workflows within the project was initiated when the need arose to obtain licenses and the core project team needed to activate intensive communications with all members of the extended project community. Just for the bridge three to four thousand documents needed to be submitted, verified and OK’d by the authorities. For this, a powerful solution to monitor and manage the document flow was absolutely essential.

Auto Workflows
Receptive Partner

Receptive Partner

Says J.R. van den Noort: “We always found the Chapoo team to be a receptive partner. When an issue arose we quickly would submit it together with our suggestions for improvement … for this we were often in contact with the service desk in Ghent, also through Skype calls … all of which resulted in updates that further improved the ease of use of the solution.”